Joseph Fulkerson

Going the Distance 

When I was sixteen,
I stopped by my girl’s house
one Saturday afternoon
and her entire extended family 
was in the backyard 
grilling, throwing horseshoes 
and just hanging out. 

Everyone seemed to be 
having a good time,
so after saying hi
and visiting for a bit
we slipped away 
to her bedroom to fuck.

Back then, anytime I came 
over we were in her room 
and we were fucking. 

We tore off our clothes
and went after it.

After a while
she got on top 
and started riding me
with her family 
and loved ones
right outside 
her bedroom window 
on the back porch.

I guess it must’ve been 
a combination of 
fear and excitement 
because when it was my turn 
to go, she jumped off 
and I shot my load 
all the way up the wall
nearly to the ceiling.

We just lay there stunned
laughing hysterically, 
me still twitching from one 
of the best orgasms
of my life.

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