James Diaz

That boy ain’t nothin’ but some poor momma’s grief

i thought i wrote to tell you
everything is fine
but the bottle slipped
pages got wet
here, you want honesty
smell my honesty

burning in the field
under this junkyard sky
bobby lint and the 12 year shadow
my phone is disconnected
but I’m not
i got 32 flavors of razor blades
and base hits, one shoe wonder
up and down the highway in the freezing rain

i thought i told you i wasn’t shit
how come you never believed me
how come you fight the dark
i got laid out every damn place
i ever laid my sorry head
here to Tuuscaloosa
prison yards and my mama’s back porch
day i died in her heart
i went dark
i went dark

i thought i wrote to tell you i wasn’t dead yet
but who can be sure anymore 

feels like dead is everything i do
you know what i mean?
aw shit, you don’t know what i mean 
give it time, you will.

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