Joseph Fulkerson


The experts are convinced
it’s a bull market
or maybe a bear market,
either way 
they’re certain it’s a mammal
with four legs, possibly hooves 
but just to be safe 
they’re not ruling out claws.

They are convinced
trickle-down economics does work
but only if you have a white collar
if you’ve ever attended a
three martini lunch meeting, 

even more so if you can
write it off as a business expense.

Choosing to buy into this 
provides a guarantee of residual income 
and a lifetime of resentment
and complacency.

The fix is in;
I’d be remiss if I didn’t state the obvious.

A metric shit-ton of regret is in store for you, mister.

You can’t deny
the devil has the best deal
when it comes to plea deals.

He’ll get you prime real-estate
on the 9th green of the
9th circle.

You’ll be a scapegoat,
the fall guy
caught red-handed 
holding a red herring.

You’ll be first in line for an ass-whooping
and last in line for your parole hearing.

If the road to hell is paved with 
good intentions, then the road to heaven 
is littered with anal fissures.

The saying goes “if you mess with the bull 
you get the horns.”

They failed to mention the bull cock.

You’re prime ass, prime meat
in prime time 

delicate sensibilities are a delicacy
in the prison yard. 

You’ll be sewing golden parachutes
into white collars 
in your sleep
in no time.

It’s a bull market after all.

Or was it bear?

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