Brian Rihlmann

If It’s Funny, It’s Funny

I’m having a rare bull session 
with some old buddies
and her name comes up—
“Dude! You too?”
Yep. Seems we all knew her.

Of course Reno was 
a much smaller town, then.
If a girl got around enough
she could really make a name for herself.
God knows I tried to make one for myself.
It’s how we became semi-famous
before social media.

Maybe somewhere, a group of women
sits down over margaritas, and 
one mentions this dude she used to 
know….and another says, “I remember 
that guy! All he did was talk about 
his ex…then he got too drunk to fuck
me, and passed out on my couch!”

Then a third chimes in, and says
“I was seeing him for awhile, but 
he left me for some bar skank.
She was married, too. I wonder how
THAT worked out.” and they all 
laugh.  As they should. 

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