Walter Ruhlmann

Lube Tube

Spain had this strange concept,
part exciting,
part frightening
he dragged me to a cage, a trap
me mouse, him cat.

Spain toyed me in the pub
a finger in my shorts
trying to snoop my hole
my hand grabbing his mole.

The lead drag screamed at us
s/he was supposed to be the queen
their slick make up leaked from their eyes
s/he scared us and we fled.

The aftermaths of this was weird
I had no place to go
he had no bed to share
both broke
a hotel room was nay.

The tube became shelter
we kissed and hugged and rubbed
on the seat of an empty train.

Spain stopped at Stockwell
I had to go further, alone,
down south,
soothing my frustration.

Soon I would leave London
to reach Southampton.

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