William Taylor Jr.

Old 45s

After she’s made dinner
after they drink and fight 
have sex and watch 
the television
after he goes to bed
she stays up and drinks
tequila and dances 
alone to old 45s
Dusty Springfield
Patsy Cline
The Shangri-las
and for a few hours
she forgets about
the debt
and the doubt
the things he said
the things she said
and where it’s all
surely headed
she gets lost 
in old songs
and for a while lives 
in the music that sings
of other times
when the world 
was different 
when she said 
pretty things
to pretty people 
and tomorrow wasn’t 
always something to dread
she has to be at work
in 5 hours and she 
says just one more 
shot and turns 
the record 

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