Jon Bennett


I wasn’t drunk yet 
and I went between the trees 
where I always go 
to take a piss 
I was looking at nothing 
thinking nothing 
and letting the piss  
take care of itself 
when I heard, “Hey!” 

Beneath the canopy 
of low branches 
was a little boy, maybe 4, 
with a Tonka truck 
loaded with a pinecone 
and I knew  
I was fucked 
because he had piss 
on his towhead 

“Oh shit,” I said 
and I backed out of there 
The dad was behind me 
“Did you see..?” he asked
My hands were in the 
“Who? Me?” configuration 
and I was distraught 

The little boy came out 
of the woods 
and he said, 
“He peed on me.” 

“I didn’t mean to,”
I said, “but I did.” 
and I sat on a stump 
and waited for  
the police to come 
and sort it out 

What should I have done? 
Lied? What should I have said? 
There was nothing I could do 
to make it right 

It’s like so much these days 
the facts speak 
for themselves 
but they don’t always
tell the whole story.

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