Donna Dallas

White Collar Gods

When you said ride or die 
I didn’t realize you would
expose every pore
every crack
bore your wisdom
into my very core
these kids today–
what do they know
about hovels 
walking to and from the bus
in the rain
snow a foot deep
panting steam as we walked uphill

I learned how to chew
my food slow
while we rode fast
without seatbelts
through Milano
into Paris
across to Bordeaux

I longed for this life
but the price was
every last drop

You called my name
it echoed into the empty
hull of my body
sometimes it feels good just to pee
when 4 hours sleep is all I get
or the calls
at 2am from India, China, Tokyo, Russia

The endless flights
home is in my head
a hearth with a warm fire in my chest
strong loving arms
I know nothing about
because I raced through the years
with a laptop
extended resume

I missed the turn
for lovers and babies
this womb has dried
to a crackled

My bank account
is my daily orgasm
after 8pm you can find me
slugging a flawless martini
that’s taken years of perfecting
with Dolin Vermouth

I cradle the bottle

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