John D Robinson

The Ass of God

Patricia stabbed Ronnie
3 times in the stomach
but he survived and
they got divorced

Texas was a one eyed manager
of the ‘Dripping Spring’ and
after 3 years he hit the road
with 18 months of takings

Ruby was held hostage for 48 hours
and forced by a fuck-freak into
sex acts her modeling career
had never anticipated

Julian was a junkie and bisexual
and a talented artist who
committed suicide by heroin
after his partner had died of AIDS

Monkey Dave, the hash dealer,
died of a broken heart after
learning his beautiful wife
was being fucked senseless
by his friends and customers

Linda, also a pot dealer,
was sexy and wore short skirts
and tight white panties
and low cut blouses and
died of cancer aged 45

Niko was a junkie
and we all assumed
that he’d die of O/D but
cancer beat his ass aged 44

Ricky was a sweet kid
but a methamphetamine
induced heart attack
took him aged 29

Sailor Al was stabbed
to death in a hovel,
Gordon froze to death
on the streets, and
Mick the Karate survived
4 gunshot wounds and
even lived to take
his revenge

Tony, the street drinker,
told me he was going to
shove this life up
the ass of God

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