John Yohe

Porn Hub

one lesbian in 
pantyhose sniffs the
feet of another

your step-sister says
she won’t tell anybody
from your point of view

the girl instructs you
how to jack off and laughs at
your pathetic dick

a man spends an hour
groping a woman on a
bus while she acts calm

your ‘wife’ looks at you
while having sex with a real
man with a real cock

a woman touches
herself in her car in a
Walmart parking lot

this compilation
features twenty-one facials
in seven minutes

a ‘daughter’ brings her
boyfriend home to her ‘mother’
and guess what happens

do you relate to
the woman with the strap-on
or her girlfriend

a woman is caught
and ravished by tentacles—
only in Japan

a woman takes off 
everything but her hijab
filmed by her husband

your mom has sex with 
your bully so he’ll leave you
alone and you watch

a man in anger
management fucks the mouth of
his hot therapist

two full hours of girls
masturbating and reaching
orgasm—two full hours

there apparently 
are amateur women who
like to give blowjobs

a black man makes a
white woman say the n word
while he slaps her

this sissy trainer
uses het porn clips to show
you that you are gay

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