Dave Cullern

Bruised Romance

The trodden grapes
of song
unpicked me to the core,
replaced my blood
with the misjudged
adventures of teenage abandon
and runaway crime

My precious body,
no longer precious,
made free
as it had always been
before the weight
of guilt and fear
crippled my ailing spine,
pulled black teeth
from deep cavities
to rot amongst this dirty carpet
which once cushioned my feet

My chemical dreams
take route
amongst the anchors
in my kitchen drawers,
pick away
at their chains
and leave me floating
with the wild current,
shooting for the moon

I run into fire,
touch coal with calloused skin,
bruised and worn
from the journey,
lived in,
turned out,
worked over
like tenderised meat,
reddened in defeat
but all the while
this untethered beast

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