Jeff Weddle

Swimming Hole

There may be snakes 
in the water 

probably there are snakes 

and sharp rocks 
in the shallows 

there are also leeches 

you can be certain 
there are leeches 

and all manner 
of slick, biting things 

but the water is cool 
and it is such a heavy day 

there may be disease 
in the dark water 
and sudden pits 
for drowning 

there may be ghosts 
of missing children 
and bodies 
still tangled in vines 

there may be broken glass 
and poison 

but it is so hot 
and the water feels 

it is best to jump head first 
someone said 

it is best to get your head under 
right away

it is best 
not to think about it 

it is best to love 
the things impatient 
to devour you

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