Jeffrey Zable

One Time With Jim

“Jim,” I said, “what possessed you to pull out your pecker and wank it in front of all those people?”

To which he responded, “It’s a very fine pecker that has ridden with me on many a storm. That has lit my fire when the sleet of life has chilled my bones. When the back door man has come for me, hatchet in hand, while LA women laughed like hyenas in celluloid nightgowns. And when strange days led me to a spanish caravan on a moonlight drive into hell, I knew that the end was near, and that only by showing what I was made of, would I ultimately get back to the crystal ship and to the lizard king inside. And when people are strange, what choice do we have if we want to survive, and break on through to the other side!”

“Makes perfect sense to me now!” I responded, and handed him back the bottle.

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