Charles Rammelkamp

Modernday Researchers

Jenny and Adam (not their real names),
both in their thirties,
consented to document their experience
with sex on acid
for an online tripping journal
called On the Road Again.

“We took a low-ish dose of a hundred mics,”
Jenny started, the two sitting side by side
on a living-room couch, talking to a video camera.
“Kissing was wonderful, sensual.
We did that for about forty-five minutes,
two hours after we dropped.
Everything oral was terrific.
Adam went down on me,
his tongue like a strobelight –
that’s how it seemed in my closed-eye visuals,
colorful, rapid, stuttering,
and I came sooner than usual.”

“I had no trouble staying hard,”
Adam chimed in. “I was aroused.
I loved licking Jenny’s body.”

“But when we tried fucking
a few hours later,”
Jenny smiled at the memory,
“we just giggled, laughed.
Impossible to be serious.”

“But once I had my dick in her,
it was like heaven,” Adam interjected.
“The sunlight coming through
the streaky window was psychedelic,
the visuals so intense,
like I was on a cloud or something.”

“I just couldn’t concentrate,” Jenny confessed,
“but I was so wet, Adam kept sliding in and out
when he entered me from behind.”

Adam smiled. “In missionary position,
we stared deep into each other’s eyes.
It was like I was fucking her soul.”

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