Katie Lewington

That Word

why does the word offend
we all seem to be fascinated by them
bound in lace and nylon
want to touch give pleasure lie to receive them
pay to hurt them
drop down on our knees
to worship

the vagina is an old grandma and fanny our aunt
twat our brother, muff our pet hamster
gerbil, rabbit
they live down south with Edith and Edna –
have an accent

but cunt
cunt is young and goes where she pleases
if she chooses to she will tease
draw you in
and spit you out
and if she wants to fuck
she will do so

and if she likes
she will take plenty of pictures
post online

she isn’t tied to the one person or
the one tradition

the shadow of slut and whore, her ugly sisters

cunt has an identity of her own.

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