Daniel S. Irwin

The Best Cock Sucker in Town

Lisa was not the best cock sucker in town.
I believe that honor went to Sue,
Sweet Sue the flamboyant gay boy.
I, myself, can not attest to that fact
As I have never availed myself of Sue’s
Haughty artsy claim to fame,
Although several country boys have,
But in public will fervently deny same.
Chico, real name George, Lisa’s brother,
Say’s there’s no contest to the matter.
He’s tried them both and Sue can’t
Tongue his candle the way Lisa can.
Yes sir, Chico swears his sister Lisa
Is, by far, the best cock sucker in town.
So, that said, my initial statement
Is now in doubt and in dispute.
But then, Chico could be biased.

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