Donna Dallas

Wretch Wants Her Candy

For fucks sake
give me my last hoorah

when my grandmother was dying
her skin shifted to a full shade of urine yellow
she drooled pleading – no – begging
for one last sup
you know……..that thirst
it killed her
we denied her
I cannot remember
I was eleven and thought
she just wanted soda
everything so simple back then
she would have turned full demon
for that drink
if she wasn’t already exhausted
from dying

Wretch, now an adult
wants her candy – her only sustenance

deny me and I will kill you
but it’s killing me
as it killed grandma
she bellowed for it
we should have caved
and smuggled Thunderbird
in a flask
for her…….for me
grandma was dying anyhow
what better way
to phase out
brimming from
the final mother quench

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