OMG: The Five Books of Inundations

AIRSTRIP OMG cover final

Outrunning God-on-a-motorcycle, flood apocalypse, nightmares pulled from a Christmas cracker, assembly at the Institute of Mockery. Get ready for the Flying Dutchman’s bus, the River and the Abyss, and the BIG wave. AIRSTRIP is weaponised Techno. English performance poet, John Gartland, known as the Poet Noir in Bangkok, plus composer / film maker, Nico Mesterharm and musician / producer, Jan Mueller, two Germans based in Phnom Penh, together are AIRSTRIP.

Phnom Penh to Bangkok: 17 Planekillaz was their first album in 2017.

OMG: The Five Books of Inundations was launched February of 2020, at Heart of Darkness in Phnom Penh. A recording from that event below:

HST readers can claim an exclusive promotional download of the entire album from Just quote “AIRSTRIP@Horror SleazeTrash”, and help spread the word!


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