Anthony Dirk Ray

Your Title To Decide

as this whiskey coats my throat
swells and scars my liver
as the cigar smoke expands
cooks my mouth and hardens my heart
I’m reminded of all the dissatisfied
that came before me
never did what they wanted
refused happiness for whatever reason
all in the guise of tradition or fear
afraid to say the wrong thing
scared to take that drink
or do that drug
petrified to fuck
or fuck who they want
trying not to let a deity down
not disappoint a loved one
make a good impression on a stranger
live a long life
or all of the above
at the same time
you have only one life to live
and it is up to you
how you live that life
some feel living a life of fear
and cautiousness is rewarding
but others crave the unknown
live for the different states
feel free when actions and
speech are not hindered
a tightrope of sorts
existence balanced
some fly
some fall

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