Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild

JSB cover

Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild,
by Judge Santiago Burdon
130 pages

Horror Sleaze Trash proudly presents, Judge Santiago Burdon.

When I first read Burdon’s work I instinctively realised that here was a man who knew the score. That he was not a fake or dilettante. I could feel a bitter, hard-won experience that lay behind every line. These stories are both beautifully written and capture conclusively the humour, excitement, sadness and disappointment of a life lived on the edge. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

—Ian Copestick

Burdon presents a highly amusing collection of bohemian stories from the fringe. He finds literary pearls at the bottom of a dark ocean of smut and sin, propelling us into wild and unhinged terrain in a fashion similar to such luminaries as Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, and Denis Johnson. Buy this book today!

—Matt Nagin

(Review copies available upon request)

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