Joshua Jordan

Backdoor Bitch

Am I really a bitch
even though I call
myself a man?
While bending over
the stall and taking it
in the can

Tell me this!
Shout it in my ear
Hearing you say it
while pounding
my rear

It’s just an experiment
I’m really a guy
But when you slip
your dick in me
Baby, I fly!

Football fantasies
Masculine men fight
But extra large dildos
Oh wow, they own
my night

Being called a faggot
yeah that’s my greatest
But if you whisper
sweet nothings
I won’t shed a

A plastic pounding
my insides do adore

Such a feminine touch
but my ass desires
So much

You’re my master
I promise not
to flinch
Now slip it in my ass
and call me
your bitch

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