No Place To Be, By Tohm Bakelas


No Place To Be, By Tohm Bakelas
Holy&Intoxicated Publications

Treading within the shadows of suburban tarmac, into a vanishing point that disappears upon each realisation that, there is No Place To Be. Tohm Bakelas finds a strange and confusing state between hope and isolation, where optimism decays in the perception of itself as a driving force to survive. A perception that is ever-present in our dead-end society.

— Lucy Wilkinson: editor/publisher of Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers Press

$5:00 / £5:00 / €5:00

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Bakelas finds the poems hiding in the quotidian, either skinning them alive to get to their core – or by picking them up and cradling them with a distinct tenderness. Although he maintains a strong voice when he hands these poems over to us, Bakelas does so in a way that takes a step back – allowing us to truly examine something and in turn even ourselves. No Place To Be acts as a taster menu for anyone not yet familiar with Bakelas work, or a much needed fix for anyone that’s been left craving for more.

— Gwil James Thomas: poet, writer, and inept musician.

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