Aqeel Parvez


some men will do
almost anything
for a fine piece of pussy.

some men like legs,
and would crawl through
shit stained barbed wire
if given the chance.
just to gaze at long legs
and shapely calves in
high heels.

other men like ass,
I am one of those men.
I like my asses round and
sculpted and jiggly when
spanked. I like something
to grab and keep grabbing.
now I wouldn’t get in the
ring with Canelo for 12
rounds just for a great ass,
but I would and do other
small things like
make slick jokes and
cook dinner once in a while
or wash the dishes etc.

now some men they like
a big jiggly pair of tits.
bouncing pillows,
pink nipples,
and these men may be
the most hungry,
they would sniff n lick a
homeless fellas balls
to cop a feel,
or shove a hedgehog
up their ass
just to have one breast
in their mouth
let alone two.

there are many other
things men like about
women’s bodies. their
faces, stomach, feet,
eyes, lips.

and some men let the
pursuit of women consume
their lives. some men
have a thirst that is
unquenchable and they
go through women like
Messi dribbling through
the lines.

all in all. it’s an elemental
tangle. two bodies, two hearts
one cock, 3 major holes to
insert into.

endless bodies. countless
women. boundless

it’s all quite a rush
to be honest
to talk about
to think about
to do.

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