John Kojak

My Last Erection

My last erection,
it’s all I think about.
Really, I’m obsessed…

Dying doesn’t bother me,
that’s easy.
Losing your manhood,
that’s hard.

Two balls and a cock,
my holy trinity
It’s all I’ve got
I’m worried about it.

Will it come and go,
like fleeting morning wood?
Will I accidentally beat it to death,
strangling the life out of it
as I did in my youth?


I’m a man. I need a woman.

I want a fist full of hair
and an aching wetness to take it all
as I blast out the last few drops
of my humanity.

If there is justice in this world,
if there is a God,
that’s the way it will be!
But it won’t…

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