Garvan Giltinan

My Wife and My Penis are Having an Affair

My wife and my penis are having an affair
They appear
Huddle together
Stare into each other’s eyes
Whisper in the dark.
To the music
of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

I flick on the lights,
they jump apart.
I say nothing.
and the sound of silence.
I offer
the benefit of the doubt.
Friends. Am I sure?

My wife’s allure

Do they more than whisper?

Boys night.
We hang out.
Gunther, my penis, urges the conversation around
to my wife’s smooth skin and dark bobbed hair.
“Her breasts are soft to the touch” he sounds.
Inserts the statement surreptitiously
into the flow of the conversation
and acts nonchalant.
Hums Scarborough (af)Fair.
And 50 ways
To leave with his lover.

I say nothing.

My wife dolls herself up.
A clue.
A sign
An assignation
Behind my back.
Right in front
Of me?

I wake at night
to the two,
tugging at each other’s hearts.
To the music of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.
Now they are never apart.
I believe they are in love and plan to leave,
and be together, and visit art galleries
and start a new life.

Apart from me.

They deserve each other.
Both are very needy.

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