Judson Michael Agla


Faceless men roaming the streets
with cleavers and precarious intentions

Homicidal Teddy Bears with blood-soaked mouths
carrying the bones of freshly devoured children,
chickens and squirrels

Good, honest men on P.C.P.
forced to carry bags of angry rats
and hand grenades

Wormholes opening up in the asses of sheep and cows,
pulling people, houses and refurbished electronics
into various dimensions

War machines rolling through the streets
covered in Christmas lights and painted-on flowers
giving genocide a more palatable experience

Our Super-Heroes are all sniffing glue
deep in the bushes of parks around the city

The United Nations disbanded because of lack of interest
and the overwhelming desire to see what the fuck
those little red buttons really do

The monkeys are on the move
preparing for a total insurrection

The earth has begun to crack down the middle
but nobody knows why because no one
showed up for work today

Call it Armageddon

Call it payback

Call it divine inevitability

I call it a chance to get stinking drunk
and throw sticks of dynamite
and large rocks off my balcony

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