David Boski

Cum Baby Cum!

She kept repeating:
“cum baby cum! cum baby cum!”
in a song like rhythm.
The problem was I couldn’t cum,
but I kept trying, there with an Asian
hooker in my bathroom and her repeating:
“cum baby cum!”
n her high-pitched accent.

We were in the bathroom cause I let my friend
use the bedroom when the first hooker arrived;
banking on the fact that he’d be done by the time
mine got there, and that the next one would be more
attractive than the first.

Our other two friends stayed in the living room,
drinking and watching
TV. Eventually the hooker,
now on her knees, looked up at me and said:
“no cum?” and I looked down, shook my head,
and said: “no cum.”

She got dressed and I went out into the living
room, seeing my friends, including the one who
had the first hooker. I asked how it was and he
said it was terrible: he couldn’t cum. I said neither
could I, and then another friend asked if he could
borrow some cash, said he wanted to give it a go.

We advised against it. All signs were pointing to us
being way too drunk to fuck Asian hookers at 4AM
in the morning; but he didn’t listen, and he didn’t
cum either.

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