John D. Robinson

The Drooper

‘Wow! I’m sorry, I mean,
it’s not you, it’s me!’ I said
pathetically, confused and
‘Look, don’t worry, it
happens, it’s the alcohol’
she said kindly:
‘I’ve been drunk for years
and I’ve been fucking for
years and this has never
happened!’ I was
embarrassed and in
‘Please, it’s nothing, lets
wait until morning then
see what happens’ she
at 7am I was fully restored
and by 8am we had sexually
exhausted one another and
lay satisfied as others were
making their way to the
offices, factories, buses,
trains, building sites, shops
I said ‘Would you like some
wine?, I’ve a bottle in the
‘Wine is the most important
drink of the day’ she
replied and I knew we
were making it good.

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