Damion Hamilton

Strange Country

I was in a strange country
Hot and humid, it felt right,
like how it should be
instead of how it was

It was warm and sunny,
music like waterfalls undulating
And the women were warm and inviting
And I took my clothes off and felt things
in my crotch

No one made me feel ashamed for this,
I was just able to do it
And the ladies were nice and didn’t make
me feel ashamed or perverted at all

It was a strange country
with no clouds or chilly weather,
and prettiest girl kissed you on the cheek
She spoke in a language you would never know
in detail, but you understood every word

Afterwards, your body felt
as if had been floating
with the moon

You would have to find
the strange country more often

Somewhere on the other side
of main street

Somewhere way down the street
from here

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