Charles Rammelkamp

Full Disclosure

“The only brown hair on my body
is the hair on my head,”
the girl in line in front of me
at Chipotle told her two companions,
another girl and a boy,
all three college students,
her tone matter-of-fact,
nothing suggestive in her voice.
She might have been talking
about the literature exam
or the biology lab experiment.

“Thanks for sharing,”
the other girl’s sarcastic response,
but I couldn’t help thinking
of the hair elsewhere
on the brown-haired girl’s body.
Blonde? Black? Red?

I wasn’t sure if I’d tag that
with an LOL or a TMI,
but I remember my Facebook friend
Ramona posting last night:
“Anxious about the biopsy
performed on my left boob
this morning.”


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