James Diaz

The Way We Breathe in The Night

“You’ll start looking for answers,
You’ll start looking where you hurt.” 

-Matthew Ryan

How many times I’ve felt that way too
my dear, like there is almost no crossing
the river this time around, not enough hope
to go into town with

These eyes burning from
who knows where I’ve been, to some glorious star
you once heard dreams were made on
when you were young, but you’re not exactly
that anymore, are you

Still listening to the sound
of the bullshit from down the hall?

Don’t you know that you don’t have to have built it
to take it apart, that voice that won’t let you forget—
the loud ache(rs) who lit into you like a heavy prize fighter
kicking in doors cause no one ever taught them how to love

Forgiveness isn’t that pretty, it’s no high-shelf stuff
Who can even reach it at this time of night,
who can help but try?


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