Alan Catlin

Screaming Orgasm

For a double sawbuck she’ll be
a good listener, someone pleasant
to have a cocktail with in dark, barely
lit lounge, might even pretend to care
what is being said and maybe offer a
kiss goodnight.

For half a yard, she’ll pretend
the Ladies is a tomb in winter with
a door that can be latched. Perform
services no matter how insistent
pleas to open up are.

For a hundred, your car or mine, is
on offer. Fold down seat action a
Go: choose your parking lot, secluded

For half a grand, you can have it all:
the whole Chinese menu from Column
A all the way to Column Z, plus
breakfast in bed or out of, and hot coffee

Says she took acting lessons from a
life master, Christy Canyon, who
taught her everything a girl needs
to know to get ahead in The Life.

Has aspiration’s to play Vegas on her
back. After that, the sky’s the limit.

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