Mendes Biondo

Jalapeno Kiss’ Love Poem

jalapeno kiss
she’s called that way
even if she’s japanese

hard nipples
pointing the sunset
brown circles
getting choppy as the waves of the ocean
when the wind blows

black hair
an harp moving in the hair
snakes dancing like griffin wings
she’s a tattoo on the skin of life
jalapeno kiss was drawn by a lustful samurai
hagakure would puke
watching her untamed eyes

the sickle of death
jalapeno kiss was licking a gherkin
while her katana was dripping blood
on a white washi sheet

she loved to write kanji in that way
the head of her last love
at the end of her haiku poem

the mantis was satiated
now she can use her licked gherkin
to write a love poem
on her clitoris

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