Mendes Biondo

The Charlatan Song for The Great Burlesque

c’mon you fool
get into this circus
I know you want it
I know you’re waiting
to see saggy tits
swinging from a martini glass
demons dancing all round
a rock’n’roll song
played by green men
with shining bellies

we love gonzos
their eyes are like velvet gloves
for the curves of our dancers
they follow dunes of skin
gonzos you are the blessed folk

c’mon you fool
you’re drunk
you’re made
you’re sweating delicious
you’re bloody horny
we got all kinds of
lollipops of lust

young girls
thin and smooth
old men in tuxedos
jazzing all night long
mature women
giving you the pulp of life

don’t be shy
this the holy fruit
it’s not a sin at all
short is time of this show
so open your eyes
drink in the pot
of our lovely witches

sabbath are for oldies
we shake the earth
on a wooden stage
it’s burlesque baby
and I’m here to say

c’mon you fool
get in and enjoy

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