James D. Casey IV

Hand Snakes & Fingernail Soup

maggots in the meat
puking reflections
dreaming dreams
of becoming flies

heads up
goodbye and thanks
for all the fish

plastic mountains
under mind control
wooden bones
creaky souls

human teeth boiling
in cat bile
mind and body
blown away

alligator feet around
hand snakes’ necks
French kiss
pig parade

scabs on the dog
brewed into beer
turn turds
milky missiles

three cheers
for dead youth
mushroom cloud

coffee in a
crystal skull
pointing at our wrists
asking for the time

suicide notes
as paper airplanes
aurora borealis eyes
swollen and blind

angles mistaken
for parabolas in
the business of living
never follow the crowd

fingernail soup
testing the water
not all good things
come to an end

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