Alan Catlin

Dirty Girl Scout

When God made cut-off
jeans and specially modified
wife beater tees and put them
on a woman with a Daisy Mae
body, you knew there was a
reason and a purpose to life.
That she could pound flaming
shots of whatever you put
in front of her and swear like
a stevedore, didn’t diminish
the package, actually added
traction, among the guys she
hung with in after hour, no
close bars. Used to claim
she was a girl scout in her
youth, the kind scout leaders
warned all the other girls about
and who was envied by all.
Was asked by one of the bar fly
mountain men she hung with
if she’d ever been a brownie
and she said, “Wouldn’t you
like to know.”
The way they were looking at
each other it wouldn’t be long
before they found out all there
was to know about each other.

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