Ian Copestick

Evil Is Alive And Well And Living In Stoke On Trent

The old, damp Victorian houses
Seem to give off a smell of dark
Secrets. Of a casual, everyday

Of an era when single girls
Who got pregnant were sent
Away, a dirty embarrassment.
An era of innocence and incest.

When the Church held an amount
Of power that’s almost inconceivable
Today. The evils that were committed
In the name of the Lord.

The abuse swept under the carpet,
but as we know anything swept under a carpet
Doesn’t just go away. It stays there, an
Unhealthy lump like a cyst or a tumor.

Then there are the murders that
Infect the air, the Black Panther hanging
Poor Lesley Whittall  with a barbed wire noose,
Less than a mile from my house.

A mile in the other direction
There’s the taxi driver that was nearly
Decapitated driving down a lonely
Country lane at 3 am.

No one was ever arrested.

Yes Evil’s here and it’s thriving
Just like any place where there’s
A lot of people
And very little money.

Yes, evil is alive and well
And living in Stoke On Trent
And everywhere else
On this Earth.

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