Kevin Ridgeway

Too Sexy For Instagram

I am very shy when it comes to giving women compliments
when i perceive them to be beautiful and intellectually fit and tolerant of my jokes
this one girl posed in fishnet stockings and I felt guilty for admiring her shapely figure
and the relentless buzz of sensuality I got imagining my hands as they caressed
her shapely pins while she crossed them to adjust one of her high heels
panties bright, lace, satin and she was generous enough to show them off
along with a wonder bra made by God himself during a horny episode of one stormy titan clash
of course i want her, but she’s taken so i shyly admit that I’m nervous when
I clumsily compliment her divine figure and just how sexy glasses are
when paired with the right lingerie, and girls like that are rare fish in a sea
that these days leaves little to the imagination, but her foxy thighs dream beauty for you
and you are respectful of her but WOW some lucky man out there gets to go to bed with her,
reading a cutting edge poetry zine and gently massaging her dangerous curves
until you are a dead man, a legend who died making love to a great and powerful muse
who gives me a tingle deep down at the center of it all by fogging up my glasses
in the heat of a computer screen surrounded by poetry, her mind an epic poem
that she teases me with just how much milk she drank to do that fine body good.

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