Mendes Biondo

She Played On Herself The Best Electric Guitar Solo

she was under an heavy rain
a hot one
artificial rain coming from the shower
she decided to put that flowing
over her femininity
and she felt like Danae
she said
I’m a goddess now

the pleasure began to rise
as the twilight sun
as the high tide with full moon
as the adrenaline of a lioness
while following the gazelle

she wanted that pleasure
she knew it was good and right
because she was a goddess
and all is good and right
when the pleasure is strong

she cried
she wanted it
the rain over her
the feeling of being immortal
the feeling of being right and good
all this pleasure is here for you honey
the thought of her lover giving pleasure to her
the feeling of freedom and power

drop over drop
the shower was on the floor
flooding the white porcelain
breaking the banks made with the flesh of bare feet
her rain with the artificial rain

at the end
while the breath tried to slow down
after a long high moaning
the roar of her little inner lioness
only the tapping of soaked hair left
and her shining smile
brighter than the summer sun

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