Paul Green

Before That Glint Leaves You

deathly love was always
caught here.
somewhere in the mind.
somewhere between
torn and caged palms.
somewhere the wicked
sinister man shoots.
somewhere the woman punts
another bastard child out
of her pool, and for nothing,
though the earth
has suffered enough.
there is no safe haven.
and the woman murders
with a walk.
and the whore’s ghastly grin.
and the cowboy ups the 6-shooter.
murder was written before that glint
could reach your pubescent eyes, child.
it was all written.
all of the whores
and murderers
and murders
and suicides
and bombings
and stabbings
and rape
and love
and death,
dogging down
the last drip of life.
you see, child,
this world wants everything.
it wants your balls and a kiss
goodbye, and as long as
there’s juice pumping through
your veins, you’d better know
now that it’s gonna get all
it can get
before that glint leaves you.

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