Fire On The Mountain, by Doug Draime

FOTM by Doug Draime

Holy&intoxicated Publications is proud to present its latest chapbook,
‘Fire On The Mountain’, by the late great legendary Doug Draime.

Print run of only 50 copies:
30 copies available from
($5:00 plus p&p)
20 copies available from
(£5:00 plus p&p)

 Available May 1st, 2019

Many thanks to John D. Robinson for publishing this chap. It is a testament to Doug’s timeless spirit that lives on in his poetry to have this published three plus years after his death. Going through the collection was a journey for Aaron and I, some of which brought tears to our eyes and a heaviness of heart. A Flower For You On Savage Creek Road was the first poem I read by Doug. It appeared in a local paper and I thought at the time, how sweet to be loved like that! I remember hoping someday a man will write poetry for me. Lori was Aaron and Shawn’s mother. She passed away in 2003 and Aaron and Shawn did not see this poem until I gave it to them after Doug’s death. Doug shared a lot about his writing with me and I  edited much of his work over the years. That being said, some of the selections are new and some have been published. I hope you enjoy reading and rereading these selections.

— Carol Draime

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