Adam Hazell

Auditioning for Silent Films

The flies are dancing around
our regurgitated meals;
their bodies drawing the story of
the Three Headed Tyrant
but nothing’s original any more
(that damn sentiment least of all)
and they’re all buzzing
while burning;
desperately calling
their wives at home
insisting we don’t need to talk
every day
but you’ve got to audition
every week for some
role utterly beneath you;
and maybe I’d recognize you more
if it weren’t for this call
for an encore
ringing in my ears
– I’m no better than you though,
in fact,
I cut myself to keep myself
in touch with the fans,
otherwise my ego
will swell my head
to God-like proportions
and God doesn’t make guest appearances
not even for the final act
and yeah they say
there are no small roles
only small actors
but what a fucking insult
to that dude who played
everyone’s favourite droid

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