Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins


this is feral love
this is sweet love
the kind of love that bites
leaves traces
of deep
this is honest love
painful love
innocent love
whore love
animal love
black onyx eyes turned white kind of love
rooftop love
where you on your knees suck the breath
where the ocean of my cunt comes tinged with sirens
where your moans hit walls in hushed devils
where you turn my slaver into wine
you drink
and think
of other ways to make sermons leave my mouth
religious love,
my Jesus Christ
my Heavenly Father
my silent prayer
my rust in your mouth
my love in your mouth
carving tunnels
to sleep inside
warm nights
warm torso,
I drip
your tip
on lips
no illusions
what life is this?
where we laugh
at our baptism, our Holy union
a purge
a world of us,
hot July L.A. nights are ours
myopic gaze
make skyscrapers quiver
sodden gravel
leave hieroglyphs
on skin



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