Tohm Bakelas

I Never Knew That Church Could Be Rewarding

I’m sitting in church
while women around me
talk about birth
their dilation
and whether
anything ripped
they don’t seem to
care that
I am here
listening in

I’m sitting in church
thinking about Oswald
and the CIA
while women talk about
and how
long it took
their vaginas
to heal
after giving birth

I’m sitting in church
with a pending divorce
listening to women
of neglectful husbands
while I am fully erect
looking at panty and thong lines
on the seams
of tight black
yoga pants

I’m sitting in church
not for holy reasons
but with purpose of
my daughter for school
while nations are arming
nuclear weapons
banks are opening
and vegetables are
being stocked

I’m sitting in church
watching a woman bend over
exposing green panties
and soon bare ass
as her pants slide down
while another adjusts
her breasts in a concealed bra
and on the US-Mexico border
families are tear-gassed
and the pyramids of Egypt stand tall

I’m sitting in church
taking in all the action
wondering how the luck arrived
feeling much better
about things
feeling much better
than I have
in a long time

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