David Boski

bedside manner

after we finished, I rolled over
and she asked me to
pour her another drink,
and give her a cigarette.
“listen, it’s 4AM, no more whiskey
and cigarettes, let’s just go to bed.”
“I just let you come all over my tits;
you’re going to give me another cigarette”
she replied firmly.
I laughed and then I
reached for the

11 thoughts on “David Boski

  1. excellent work Boski.
    it kinda makes you seem like an ass, but that’s how we men really are, right.
    and the ladies love it. thumbs up and winking emoji.


  2. This is shit, and nothing but shit! In you feeble attempt to be Cutting -Edge and Vulgar you’ve missed the entire point of writing – which is an attempt to write something truly memorable. I won’t remember this 5 minutes from now let alone 5 or more years.
    If you want to read truly incredible Cutting-Edge poetry/verse by a talented (now deceased) writer then click on this link * http://crazcowboy.tripod.com/Silverstein/shelist.htm * and read ‘The Devil And Billy Markham’ by Shel Silverstein.


  3. Didn’t Shel get his start in Playboy? I wonder what Shel would think of you, and what you’ve written, if he were still alive.


  4. Okay, I read it. The Silverstein. It’s just an old cliche anecdote that is no longer relevant considering that cowboy’s are long gone, blues is long dead, and nobody gives a fuck about christianitys devil. I’ll read Boski any day over shit like that. This guy, Boski, is pushing up on Bukowski territory with his talent. So 🖕


  5. For one, I hate Bukowski! Like Ginsburg, he’s only popular with Cafe Socialists and Antifa-Types who wear Che Guevara shirts and think they’re cool. As for The Blues: It’s only ‘Dead’ to those who don’t listen to it. What, do you think everyone listens to Pop, cRap, and HipCrap? Or are you more the Dream Theatre type! – that was a rhetorical question, hence the exclamation point.
    Sorry, dude, but there’s a huge world out there filled with people who don’t think like all of the neo, post modern, super-leftist, Trump-Bashing bourgeoisie from Scat Fran Feces and similar Sanctuary Dumper-Bins. And, as you’ve just discovered, I’m one. I like the blues, and so do many of the right wing, red neck trash that I hang out with. And some of us graduated from a University also!
    > Technically speaking, Shel Silverstein did not get ‘His Start’ by writing for Playboy, but I’ll let you do the research on that.
    > As for Christianity, I’m an atheist, so to me this poem I mentioned is just a brilliant piece or writing – who cares about the subject!
    > The thing about writing is this: it’s usually a thing of progression. Or You have to begin somewhere. Right? So this guy might be a novice for all I know. My critique, however, was not an attempt to hurt his feelings because I don’t give a fuck about such trivial BS. Mr. Boski chose to post what he wrote, and I chose to rip it to shreds because I didn’t like it. That’s the way the world works where I’m from.
    Consider this point: If you’re going to waste your free time sitting around writing, then at least write something people will be awestruck by. I have! Not that you’ll ever associate me with my any of my writing, but that’s irrelevant here.
    > Last of all, I once ripped a guy’s ear nearly off his head – with my hand! So, sure, one might say I’m a bit of a douche. I grew up in Pacoima, so I’m a bit rough around the edges, and somewhat guttural by nature. But I’m not uneducated. That’s for sure!


  6. Anyone can write trite, immemorable trash. . . even me:
    She asked me if I’d give her 12 inches and hurt her
    So I fucked her twice and smacked her in the head.
    She just laughed, right before she pulled out that .357.
    The bullet just missed my balls by a hair, but that hair
    was pushing up daisies somewhere inside a mattress.
    Then she rolled over, spread her legs and put her tight
    little ass up in the air. . .
    all while cocking back the hammer of that .357.
    “I’ll give you one more chance,” she said, laughing as she
    handed me the KY.
    Jesus, did I ever need another line!


  7. All that stuff you say about Americans is just some shit on tv. If there are people who are all those fancy words you use, well, I’ve never met them. I’m an Army vet who has been deaf for years from all of the guns. I am a niggur though so I do like the niggur music. It seems that the American hype that only exists on tv has infected Canada too. I don’t know what else to say, but I think HST is trying to be immemorable on purpose. Don’t ask me. I don’t know why. But if that’s what they want then I suppose they do have that right. You wanna fuss at me though then we need to find a different forum. This is boring.


    1. Actually, dude, I don’t even want to know you. And this will be my last reply to you. You dumped on my comment, so I told you how I felt!


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