Kenneth James Crist

Car Fulla “C-Word”

Most women I’ve met
don’t care for
the word “cunt”.

They call
it the “C-Word” because
they find it abhorrent.

So, I’ve got this car full
of “C-Word”, five in all
and we’re all good friends,
fuck-buddies, you might say.

We’re out for the evening, and
the ladies are done up in
dresses and heels and jewelry,
suntanned legs and low-cut bras.

Perfume and lotion and “C-Word”
spray, or as George Carlin called it
“Sprunt”. It adds a sharp tang to the
air, a poon-tang, one might say.

We do a few clubs and I watch my
booze intake. I wanna be able to
perform later, when the time is
right and the “C-Words” come out.

Later, when they’re all half in the
bag, I take them to a spot I know
that’s isolated enough so we won’t
be interrupted.

Off come panties and other
lacy things until everyone’s
comfortable in their naughtiness and
Sally is the first, because she had the
most to drink and her “C-Word”
is the hottest.

I take her standing up,
leaning against the hood of the
car and she comes very quickly and
then pukes, because Sally always
drinks too much but never passes
out until she’s gotten a little.

Debbie is next and the rule is I
don’t get to come until they all
get their turn at me.

We do it on a blanket
while the others watch
and get hotter still, all
but Sally, who passed out.

Lisa is waiting and she mounts
me as soon as Debbie is done,
and she peels off her dress because
she likes her tits in my hands the
whole time and she yells when she
pops her cookies and everyone else

Then Carla.

Oh My God
Carla, who says “Oh My God” all
the time I’m fucking her loose,
six-kids snatch.

It’s a chore, holding
back now, but I manage because I’m
waiting for Sandy, who always
gets to be last.

We do it sitting in the
front seat, passenger side and
she is the one.

In her forties, she’s
tight as a teenager and frantic with
desire, and so she gets the big
blast, the load, the money shot and
in ten minutes I’m ready again.

Somebody wake up Sally…

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