Josh Jordan

Driving, as you ride me out of my Mind

Oh I Drive
and throttle forward
At my most
Maximum speed!
I push
Yes I Push
My desire to it’s
Undress me
in your mind?
No, not this Time!
Panties pulled down
at the speed of my design
Get a good look?
Yeah I’ll bet you did
As black fabric is spread wide,
and they slip down my thighs
You think it’s to entice your desire
But really it is what makes
Me feel in tune
with my ravenous mind

It’s torture isn’t it?
As I make you watch
while I play with where you
Most want to reside
It’s mine to give
as I shift your gears
With the sight of Me
fingering so wickedly!
You see that darkened lace
and hear my growing rapture
Barely holding on,
you want to devour me
So rabidly
And as I bite your ear
teasing you beyond belief
I whisper so lustfully
Slip them all the way off
When I say it’s time,
When I’m ready
For you to drive me
it better be right,
it better be intense
You best meet my desires
As only a girl would

My hand manipulates the wheel
Oh so very easily
You imagine it were you
my hand would grasp so
As you are throbbing so intensely
Now listen to my command
if you want any chance
of getting the honor
to please me!

Get that head between my legs
As I thrust your face towards me
Push me with that tongue of yours
Shift my gears so deeply
Press yourself into me
until I release so greedily
And if you ever want to (come) with me
make sure I
Quiver with legs shaking
in vibration, violently
Otherwise you’ve lost your chance
As you’ve lost your ride
And in the agony of
your non climax
You have learned your lesson
as you have lost your pride
Never again to experience
my Insatiable drive

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