Gwil James Thomas 

Art is Vulgar/Vulgar is Art

09:35 AM sitting on
a bench in the plaza –
I watch as the beast
is dragged away
on its chain leaving
behind a brown trail –
before an unsuspecting
woman in office attire
skewers part of the turd
like a dog shit croquette
through the heel
of her shoe –
as an equally oblivious
man shouting down his
phone paints part
of his white Air Force 1’s
a fresh shade
of brown –
as the homeless man
now sat next to me gulps
his morning Sangria,
laughing at the scene
and society
it’s a disgusting scene
at that –
but it is, what it is
and as they say
you can’t polish a turd –
but under
the right light,
at the right time
you might just
get a poem
out of it

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