A. Theist

I used to go to church, but…

(Ask) Jesus to come into your Heart
(And) He’ll send you the Holy Spirit to
(Receive) you in your shameful state
(And) when times get desperate just
(Smile) because He’ll whisper in your ear
(And) tell you exactly what to say
(Then) when the authorities
(Publicly) question you about the commotion, just
(Kill) them with kindness
(Because) you can be certain that
(You) are carrying out Gods will and
(Are) defeating the Devil in his plan to burn
(The) world, for in everything he does, he attempts
(Destroying) all that is good, all that is

One thought on “A. Theist

  1. To all Horror Sleaze Trash, I’m told, ‘It’s a dogs life next’.
    I did wonder what kind of dog’s life He meant.
    ‘Woof woof’, came the voice. Maybe He’s kidding, I thought.
    Many a dog has come back a good Family man after that experience He assured me. I’m sure He was grinning.
    All of a sudden Canis Major popped into my head – the Great Dog.
    I couldn’t help grinning myself.

    Sibyl X


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