Nick D’Ingianni

cabin fever

me and the old lady
in our cabin, chillin
livin off the grid
livin off solar panels
and psychedelic drugs
roastin meat and
makin sweet love.

knock knock knock.
i freeze

and turn to her in disbelief;
we live in the woods
south of nowhere
in a damn cabin
who could that be?

she huffs, shrugs
the knocking
so i go
to open it
(we’re nudists)

it’s a grizzly
i freeze

but he’s wearing
a suit, cradling
a briefcase
in his paws
the fuck

he asks me
if i’m interested
in being mauled
i ask him
how can you talk
you’re a bear right
and then he mauls us

and then i wake up
and it’s just me,
my bed,
and my beloved

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